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Sarah Sjoholm-Patience is an international Grand Prix dressage rider, british dressage trainer and BHS registered instructor
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My team

(alphabetically by surname)

Mike Byers and his team at Shotter & Byers – Vet

Mike looks after all our horses’ health and veterinary needs, his problem solving skills make him the first person I call if I just know something’s not right but can’t put my finger on it.

Diane Daynes‎ - Equine Sports Massage

Diane is a fairly new addition to my team, but has already made a marked improvement to the way my horses are going.

Lorraine Eriera – Human Sports Therapist

Lorraine works to correct imbalances and tender spots for me keeping the seat effective and increasing riding longevity. She has also helped to improve function in many of my clients, helping them to reach their potential.

Shane Fouhy and Roman Villar from Hampshire Equine Clinic - Vets  

Shane and Roman are elite FEI vets, invaluable in the efforts to maintain and improve high level competition horses’ soundness and health.

Carys Jones - Photographer
Thanks to Carys for her fantastic photography you'll see throughout the site.

Jennie Loriston-Clarke - Coach

Jennie needs no introduction in the UK! A four time Olympian, WEG bronze medalist and FEI judge.

Marc Lockwood – Farrier
Marc keeps all our horses’ hooves healthy, from consistently maintaining soundness to improving foot balance, and has a fantastic way with horses.

James Newton – Equine Sports Manipulation
James provides irreplaceable support in the development of the horse as an athlete.

Miles Patience – Partner, Eyes on the Ground and Chief Cheerleader
Miles is the ideal horse husband. A rider himself to PSG level, he actually enjoys coming to competitions and helping out. Lucky me!

Anki and Ernie Sjoholm – Parents and Fundamental Support
My parents have been there from the beginning, from booking pony rides for my birthday parties when I was very young, to caving to my pressure to let me start riding lessons at 10 years old, to making sure that throughout my youth I may not have had the fanciest horses, but I always had the best trainers to work with. I cannot thank them enough.

Rebecca (Becky) Whitcombe – Saddle Fitter

Becky makes sure that the Sue Carson Saddles that I and many of my clients ride in fit perfectly, working patiently to find solutions to any problem. She is also the owner of my former Grand Prix ride, Desiderata, and for that opportunity I will always be grateful.


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Sarah Sjoholm-Patience is an international Grand Prix dressage rider,
british dressage trainer and BHS registered instructor


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