Coaching Lessons

£50-£60 45 minutes

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The way it works

Sarah works with you to realise your ambitions and sets goals along the way to help achieve this. Working through classical training scales, Sarah always makes sure riders have something to be working towards. Key to Sarah’s methods is making sure that you not only know how to successfully ride movements but also how to correct things should it go wrong. To ensure that you take home what you’ve learnt she links her methods to the Classical Scales of Training. This gives you a clear structure to support your progress when you ride alone.

Sarah takes a problem-solving approach to her coaching and is happy working with any type of horse, from complicated ex-racehorses to highly strung competition horses and of course those horses that need much more encouragement to expend energy! Knowing how much goes on when riders are out of the saddle to create a healthy and happy athlete, Sarah also works closely with you to make sure you fully understand all elements of your horse’s management – respecting each horse’s individual feeding, turn out and daily needs.

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Additional information

Travel zones

I work on travel times: zone 1= up to 20 min from RH12 3ND, zone 2 = 21-35 min and zone 3 = 36-50 min.
Travel over 50 min for group bookings only. An additional charge will be added accordingly.

Zone 1: RH12, RH13, RH11 £50

Zone 2: RH5, RH14, RH17, RH10, RH6, RH4, BN5, BN44, BN14, BN13, GU6, KT20 — £55

Zone 3; RH19, RH18, RH7, RH1, RH2, BN6, BN45, BN1, BN3, BN41, BN42, BN43, BN18, BN11, BN12, GU5, GU4, GU1, GU2, GU3, GU7, GU8, GU28, KT24, KT23, KT22, KT21, KT18, KT17, KT19, KT9 — £60


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