Sarah Sjoholm-Patience International Grand Prix Dressage Rider, British Horse Society Accredited Coach and British Dressage Para Coach and Trainer

Coaching riders of all levels and across all disciplines, from beginners to riding club and high-level competitors, Sarah is passionate about getting the best out of the combination placed before her.

Sarah is also one of the few Para-dressage coaches in the region.

So what’s actually different?

At the heart of her coaching is Sarah’s ability to help riders achieve a consciousness of their position and consistency of aids that are applied clearly and effectively. The result is simple: improved rider control and confidence and an ability to truly school, train and compete horses effectively. Difficult horses become willing partners, average horses stand out from the crowd and magic happens when the true talent of a fantastic horse is unlocked.

The way it works

Sarah works with you to realise your ambitions and sets goals along the way to help achieve this. Working through classical training scales, Sarah always makes sure riders have something to be working towards. Key to Sarah’s methods is making sure that you not only know how to successfully ride movements but also how to correct things should it go wrong. To ensure that you take home what you’ve learnt she links her methods to the Classical Scales of Training. This gives you a clear structure to support your progress when you ride alone.

Sarah takes a problem-solving approach to her coaching and is happy working with any type of horse, from complicated ex-racehorses to highly strung competition horses and of course those horses that need much more encouragement to expend energy! Knowing how much goes on when riders are out of the saddle to create a healthy and happy athlete, Sarah also works closely with you to make sure you fully understand all elements of your horse’s management – respecting each horse’s individual feeding, turn out and daily needs.

What can I expect from the training?

After an initial ridden assessment, Sarah will agree on development areas and ambitions with you to ensure that you progress towards your goals. Using the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) structure as a basis, you will be clearer about exactly what you want and need to achieve and indeed be able to measure your improvement as you develop. At each session you will get Sarah’s full attention- she’s serious about really supporting you and helping you improve. The UKCC structure includes technical skills, tactical skills, physical training and mental skills.

Where does Sarah coach?

Sarah provides coaching at the livery yard where she is based near Horsham where you can bring your horse for your session. Alternatively, Sarah can travel to your yard (within reasonable travel distance) to coach you. For groups of riders who would like to book multiple sessions in one day, Sarah is able to travel to yards throughout the region. Alternatively, if you live outside the region but would like to benefit from a coaching session with Sarah, you could attend one of her clinics or arrange one of your own for her to coach at.

Competition Coaching

For those wishing to or who are already successfully competing, Sarah will work to develop competition strategies and can provide coaching at competitions. Sarah is a certified Equine Canada Competition Coach and has a strong interest in Sports Psychology. Competing is not just about riding but also the additional mental pressure on both the rider and horse. Therefore, as well as improving your technical abilities and your horse’s way of going, she can help you with nerves and tactical skills that you can use to show off your hard work when under pressure.

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