Back Out Competing At Last!

This past week I pulled on my competition gear for the first time in a few years. Despite being rather snugger than I remember it (thanks, lockdowns…) It felt great being back out and about. I made my debut on Sally Brookman’s lovely PRE mare Amora doing a Medium 61 at Dressage with a Difference at Belmoredean. For those not familiar, Dressage with a Difference is a super low key and friendly unaffiliated competition, with listed judges, and some special options. A perfect place for Amora and I to get our feet wet before our British Dressage debut.

I also had the chance to ride Nathalie and Sally George’s lovely event horses, at one of the Wednesday unaffiliated dressage at Felbridge Show Ground. Both boys were super well behaved, and had great results, even with a few blips!

I am currently on the lookout for more dancing partners, so if you would be interested in seeing your horse out in the arena, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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