Centaur Biomechanics Rider Analysis Clinic

Want to improve your riding and your horse’s way of going? I’m hosting another rider analysis clinic with Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics at Dragon’s Livery near Horsham on 29th August. During your session Russell will provide invaluable feedback on the mechanics and assymetries of you as a rider, giving you clear and positive corrections and areas to work on.

Russell provides professional and experienced interpretation of your position and your horse’s performance. Because the way you sit on your horse has a dramatic effect on its soundness, performance and development. He uses high speed video cameras, Visualise training jackets (optional) and Quintic software to provide constructive analysis, ensuring you get the best possible results out of the session. 

A range of social distancing measures have been implemented to enable the day to safely go ahead. These include:

  • Replacing rider questionnaire with an online registration form
  • Replacing written feedback form with an electronic feedback form 
  • Rider videos will now be emailed rather than supplied on DVD/USB stick
  • Riders have previously worn a Centaur Biomechanics Training Jacket. This is now optional. Due to new software, the rider biomechanics session can proceed without interfering with any of the outcomes, if riders would rather not wear a jacket. Alternatively, if riders prefer to wear a training jacket, these will be washed between clinics and be single use on the day.
  • Centaur will have access to gloves, masks and hand sanitizer.

Full details on these and other measures can be found here (http://www.centaurbiomechanics.co.uk/centaurbiomechanics-co-uk/_img/Social%20Distancing_Updated%20May%202020_V2.pdf

From the session you’ll get:
Visual feedback whilst mounted
Step by step process in evaluating your position and horse’s way of going
Bite size exercises given to help improve position and understanding
You can see immediate differences with the before and after footage
Detailed electronic feedback forms sent after the session

The sessions is open to riders of all levels – riding club through to Grand Prix – and can help improve your dressage marks and jumping technique. 

Running all day, rider slots are 45 minutes and cost £70 including school hire. There is also the option to have the video sent digitally for an additional £5. Find out more at http://www.centaurbiomechanics.co.uk/rider-analysis/. Bookings via info@sarahsjoholmpatience.com

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