Clinics with Sarah are an ideal opportunity for those riders unable to access regular coaching with Sarah. This can be for any number of reasons such as location, or for those riders regularly working with other coaches but looking for a different perspective.

Sarah is passionate about getting the best out of the combination placed before her. She is flexible enough to work with riders of all levels and her coaching complements different styles of riding and personal goals.

Through the clinics you will find that Sarah is very adept at quickly understanding where both horse and rider are in their development. This enables clients and their horses to move on to improving their skills and knowledge and really making the most of their time with Sarah.

Sarah is involved in clinics across the UK and further afield, including Germany and a monthly clinic in Finland; contact for further details or visit the calendar section to find out more on upcoming clinics.

If you cannot find a clinic in your area, or if you would be interested in organising a clinic yourself, please contact Sarah for details.

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