Sarah Sjoholm-Patience International Grand Prix Dressage Rider, British Horse Society Accredited Coach and British Dressage Para Coach and Trainer

Are you looking for someone with the skills, knowledge and experience to train your horse effectively and ethically? Sarah is experienced in training horses of all types and levels, always aiming to produce a happy athlete that is ready and willing to do their job.

Sarah has prepared numerous horses for careers with their owners, and trained many horses to international dressage level, as well as working with tricky or problem horses.

Having first learned her trade training horses under the watchful eye of renowned coaches such as Klaus Balkenhol, she continues to add new skills, including clicker training, to her toolbox. Sarah can assess a horse’s level, ability and needs and produce an effective training plan. Working with young horses just starting out thought to those ready to advance in the competition circuit and everything in between, Sarah can really make a difference to your horse. Sarah is able to offer both short and long-term training with very successful results.

Where does Sarah offer training?

There are two options for Sarah to train your horse. You can either bring your horse to the livery yard where she is based for regular sessions or Sarah can offer a limited number of full-time training spaces at the yard. Short-term holiday training may also be available on request. Find out more about the yard here or contact Sarah for more details.

So how does it work?

Working progressively with German training scales, Sarah treats every horse as an individual, creating a tailored plan for each. She is passionate about creating a willing and enthusiastic athlete so, just as she does with riders, she finds and nurtures a horse’s natural motivation and talent. A training program is then created to suit the horse’s temperament, level of fitness and intended use. Using cross-training and varied schooling routines, Sarah keeps horses interested and balanced as they build strength and skill.

Sarah is equally happy developing high-level competition horses; setting the foundations with youngsters; working with horses retraining or recovering from injury; as well as just keeping a horse happy and fit for its owner.

Knowing how much goes on from out of the saddle to create a healthy and happy athlete, Sarah works with owners to ensure all elements of the horse’s management are looked after. Respecting each horse’s individual feeding, turn out and daily needs, she will also give an overview of saddle fit, physiotherapy, dentistry and veterinary work.

What are the benefits?

  • Your horse will be happy and motivated by an ethical, varied programme
  • They will be trained to meet your requirements and fit for your intended use
  • All of your horse’s physical needs will be carefully managed
  • Packages will be tailor-made for you, providing you with the maximum value
  • You will get improved enjoyment from the time you spend with your horse

Sarah seeks the best from any horse or rider she works with but keeps ambitions and expectations appropriate to the individual she is working with.

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