I first heard of Sarah through one of my friends who can’t speak highly enough of her…

“…When I moved yards, it was a new start for myself and my horse so thought the best way to kick that off was to have a lesson with Sarah. My first lesson with her was in October 2014 and since then have never looked back.

The amount of confidence and skill that I took away from just that one lesson was more than I had taken away from what seems like hundreds of lessons previously with other instructors!

Over the last year and a half, mine and my horse’s skill, confidence and bond has grown immensely and continues to do so. We are both so much more happier in the work that we are doing now, for starters because I am riding as I should have been for years…with more balance, less kicking (!) and precision.

Sarah not only teaches in the lesson but always leaves me with so many tips and food for thought, including key exercises to work on which builds up my self-esteem too when I complete an exercise correctly.

Sarah has been a god send for me and my horse and I cannot recommend her enough. I can’t wait for our next lesson!”