Andy Thomas to return

Following the success of our first two sessions with elite equestrian physio Andy Thomas I’m delighted that we now have further sessions planned for this year. 

On August 16thand October 18th Andy will be visiting my yard to offer off-horse initial rider assessments and follow up treatment sessions for those who’ve already been assessed. Andy will be doing unmounted assessments using his #TESTT method helping correct muscle activity imbalances and achieve greater symmetry. 

Initial assessments are 45 minutes long and Andy will utilise the Testt process to review which pelvis asymmetry type you have before re-correcting and activating. He will then provide a personalised rehabilitation plan via an integrated app. Follow up treatment sessions are 30 minutes long. Attendees will also be able to see and purchase Andy’s Testt Activation Tool Kit which encompasses exercises and products in a handy go-to bag to use for 15 minutes before you ride to warm up the muscles essential to riding.

​For those undergoing an initial assessment, you can bring a video of your riding for viewing on screen. This short video could include flat work (centreline, circles, lateral work) or jumping. Andy will explain asymmetry and its potential effect on you and your performance. He will then assess your weaknesses and imbalances and provide a tailored rehabilitation plan to re-correct.

Andy Thomas is a High Performance Human Science Sports Medicine Advisor to the USA equestrian teams and developer of TESTT (Thomas equestrian symmetry types and tests). He is an experienced international lecturer in this specialist area and provides a unique insight into the human equestrian athlete. He has attended 3 Olympic Games, 4 World Championships and 12 European Championships. Utilising his vast understanding of performance biomechanics analysis he supports the USA dressage team and the US Showjumping World Champions.

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